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Sticker Bundle Pack (with Free Bonus Mystery Sticker)

Sticker Bundle Pack (with Free Bonus Mystery Sticker)

Grab all five stickers from ONLYVALENTINO's first collection PLUS A FREE BONUS MYSTERY STICKER!

Only 100 of each design in existence

(iPhone 11 Pro pictured for scale)

1. Tail Lights Sticker by ONLYVALENTINO - On this sticker, see ONLYVALENTINO sitting beneath the tail lights of his car. The original photograph was taken during the "Teach Me to See" photoshoot.

Height - 1.7 inches

Width - 4.3 inches

Printed in Gloss Finish

2. "Offerings" Ritual Sticker by ONLYVALENTINO - Originally conceived as an alternate song cover for "Offerings," this sticker shows a black and white sketch of a ritual being performed. Notice the outstretched hands of the man in the sticker's background. His eyes looking up to sky...

Height - 3.1 Inches

Width - 1.7 Inches

Printed in Gloss Finish

3. Black Tie Portrait Sticker by ONLYVALENTINO - This sticker is an outtake from the "It's Us That I Remember" photoshoot. Printed in a matte finish, ONLYVALENTINO has made no other sticker like it.

Printed in Matte Finish

Height - 5.7 inches

Width - 2.9 inches

4. aboywithwings Red Text Sticker by ONLYVALENTINO - Here is the aboywithwings name cut out in red, black, and hits of white. ONLYVALENTINO is also known as aboywithwings. A powerful name deserves a powerful sticker...

Length: 4.5 inches

Die Cut in a Gloss Finish

5. ONLYVALENTINO Cloud Box Logo Sticker - The artist name blasted across a clouded night sky... Taken during the photoshoot for the song, "Rip a Hole in the Sky," this sticker is our boldest announcement of the ONLYVALENTINO brand. The careful observer will notice ONLYVALENTINO's face beneath the letter "N"

Height: 2.5 inches

Width: 8 inches

Printed in Gloss Finish


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Collect them all before they're gone forever

Our first drop of ONLYVALENTINO stickers! Like many of the products on our site, these stickers have been printed in limited quantity. Only 100 pieces of each design exist!

We'll never be restocking this collection. Once they're gone, that's it.

Aren't you glad you're early?!

Our Premium Shipping Materials

Your stickers will be sent to you in one of our signature black envelopes with a personalized note.

Each signature black envelope features a hand-drawn graphic by ONLYVALENTINO himself!

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